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Apartment Living

The biggest challenge Show Stopper Properties faced while creating an impactful design in our allocated one-bedroom apartment was to ensure we didn’t clutter the space but rather selected considered pieces that would stand out. As important as the form and aesthetic of the space was, the functionality had to carefully considered too.

The Living Room

We aimed to impress by creating a decadent space that stirred emotion to those who experienced it. It was designed to appeal to all sexes and demographics. We achieved this by layering the space and combining strong geometries and colours in juxtaposition to more neutral and softer shapes.

The Bedroom

The integration of our large bespoke colossal headboard in the confined space went against the notion that small spaces require small furniture pieces. The scale of the headboard dominates the space and creates a striking focal point, lending itself to be a strong conversation piece. 

Find out what SA Homeowner had to say. 

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